New Surefire Product Launch: SOCOM408-ELR extreme long range suppressor

Butler Defence Solutions

November 2020

The new SOCOM408-ELR is expertly engineered for .408 CheyTac, .375 CheyTac and .375 EnABELR users by the same team that created SureFire’s SOCOM contract-winning suppressors for the world’s elite military units.

It provides amazing sound attenuation for sniper rifles. Constructed of military-grade titanium and engineered to be the best in lightweight, high performance suppressors, the SOCOM408-ELR helps maintain the pinpoint accuracy that is critical in precision sniper rifle applications.

The SOCOM408-ELR’s noise-canceling baffle design is strictly based on the technically superior SureFire models that won the most extensive and rigorous suppressor trials in USSOCOM history. It provides maximum sound, flash and dust signature reduction along with minimal and consistent point-of-aim, point-of-impact shift when engaging targets out to extreme ranges.

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